About Andorra

Andorra is a country in Europe. If you are considering to visit Andorra or if you are traveling here now, you will find here useful and fun blog posts written by other travelers that have been visiting Andorra.

What I Learned in Andorra - Weird Stuff That Only Happens… living to the fullest 12d

One would think that Andorra is just another European country. More like Spain than anything else.…

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The Doors of Andorra - a Lot of Glass for This Cool Climate living to the fullest 14d

Andorra in the Pyrenees has interesting doors with lots of glass. Kind of weird in a way when you…

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Exploring Andorra - Walking Around Andorra La Vella living to the fullest 16d

Andorra is tiny, so you can easily explore it in one day. I am just not sure if this does the…

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Day Trip to Andorra From Barcelona Necessary Indulgences 357d

You might be wondering if Andorra is worth the 3 hour drive each way. My opinion? Absolutely!

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Andorra, Snow and Christmas Time Mapping The Map 439d

It's winter and Christmas time! In this post we show you Andorra and La Seu d'Urgell during this…

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Adventuretime: Andorra Week 1 MiscEarth 775d

Welcome to my AdventureTime series. Here I'll be detailing some of my climbing adventures in…


Family Roadtrip: Valencia to Andorra Ohla Living In Valencia 1078d

Our family roadtrip! We don't get snow here in Valencia so after Christmas we decided that it would…

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