Travel stories about Austria

Austria is a perfect country for traveling or for spending your holidays. Austria has a lot to offer for you. If you like to learn more about the culture or if you just want to relax, Austria might be a country to consider to visit.

If you want to know more, because you want to visit Austria or you are traveling there right now, you will find here useful and fun blog posts written by other travelers that have been visiting Austria in Europe. Just let other travel bloggers inspire you!

Restaurant Schubert - a Very Pleasant Surprise living to the fullest 2d

The former Restaurant Schubert had typical Viennese food. The Restaurant Schubert 2.0 has a…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Ukiyo Bistro - Finally Some Interesting Asian… living to the fullest 9d

The choices for Asian breakfast are limited in Vienna. So Ukiyo bistro feels like a godsend if you…

Austria #city #food

Gerhard Richter Exhibition (Landscape) - See It It in Vienna living to the fullest 14d

Gerhard Richter's landscapes are currently on exhibition in Vienna. Even though the Kunstforum is…

Austria #art #city

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Modern Korean Restaurant - Small Menu, Great Taste living to the fullest 26d

Modern Korean has established its place in Vienna as a go-to-place for top Korean food. Small…

Austria #city #food

Photo Friday: Stephansdom - the Symbol of Vienna Trekking with Becky 26d

St. Stephen's Cathedral, locally known as Stephansdom, is the most important church in Austria. It…

Austria #city #history #photography #sightseeing

Ma Belle Bistro & Bar - the Kitchen Still Needs Some Time living to the fullest 35d

Ma Belle Bistro has an interesting menu of French favorites. Some dishes were great, while others…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Zimmerservice - Wasn't So Great, Maybe Try… living to the fullest 37d

Zimmerservice is a small restaurant with living room atmosphere. The service is friendly, just the…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Ullmann’S Zuckerbäckerei - Only If You Live in… living to the fullest 42d

I guess if you live nearby, Ullmann's Zuckerbäckerei comes in handy. There is not much else around.…

Austria #city #food

Spoon Bistro - Five Course Menu Depending on the Chef living to the fullest 58d

Booking a table at Spoon Bistro means being open to anything the chef comes up with. I love…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Ma Belle Bistro & Bar living to the fullest 63d

Vienna has a new place for Eggs Benedict. Ma Belle Bistro calls them the French way, but the eggs…

Austria #city #food

Why Milos Is Perfect for a Week of Vacation living to the fullest 83d

Do you really need a reason to go to Greece? I don't, but if you need some, here is why Milos…

Austria #beach #history #island #sightseeing

Dogenhof - So Much More Than Just a Restaurant living to the fullest 89d

Dogenhof appears to be a mix of restaurant, bar, and shop. I can't speak for the shop, but the…

Austria #city #drinks #food

Sommer Im Park - Kursalon Hübner - Come Dancing in the Park living to the fullest 91d

I miss going dancing during this pandemic. So how much fun is it to do it outside and safely.…

Austria #city #drinks #nightlife #party

Breakfast at Sperling Im Augarten - Remarkable Bad Service living to the fullest 95d

The Sperling im Augarten has a beautiful location and breakfast was quite good. But when the…

Austria #city #food

Suk Sushi-Bar - While It Is a Small Place, It Is Big on… living to the fullest 97d

Don't go by the looks of Suk Sushi-Bar. This small and unassuming restaurant is big on taste. Very…

Austria #city #food

A Weekend in Straden and the Surrounding Area living to the fullest 99d

Straden is a small and pitcturesque village in the south of Austria. If you want some time to relax…

Austria #nature #roadtrip

Breakfast at Mae Aurel - Don't Come for the Eggs Benedict living to the fullest 101d

Mae Aurel has a really long list of breakfast options. Bigger is not always better though and the…

Austria #city #food

A Weekend in Altaussee - the Salzkammergut Is Always Worth… living to the fullest 103d

Altaussee is of course most beautiful in sunshine. But the Salzkammergut has its own weather. So…

Austria #mountain #nature

Breakfast at Neni Am Naschmarkt - Good Food All Day Long living to the fullest 105d

The Naschmarkt in Vienna has a handful of Turkish breakfast places, but only one Israeli food…

Austria #city #food