Travel stories about Austria

Austria is a perfect country for traveling or for spending your holidays. Austria has a lot to offer for you. If you like to learn more about the culture or if you just want to relax, Austria might be a country to consider to visit.

If you want to know more, because you want to visit Austria or you are traveling there right now, you will find here useful and fun blog posts written by other travelers that have been visiting Austria in Europe. Just let other travel bloggers inspire you!

A Winter Walk in Vienna - Schwarzenbergpark - Big Enough to… living to the fullest 2d

Everyone's favorite pastime this year is walking. Schwarzenbergpark is as good as any place to do…

Austria #city #nature

Aztecs Exhibition - Currently at the Weltmuseum in Vienna living to the fullest 5d

After months of watching TV or reading on the couch, a museum visit sounds heavenly. The Aztecs…

Austria #city #museum

A Winter Walk in Vienna - Am Bisamberg - Around the… living to the fullest 7d

Vienna is famous for its many vineyards and one such area is the Bisamberg. This winter walk shows…

Austria #city #nature #sightseeing

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Kikko Bā - Takeout - Very Creative and Tasty Asian Food living to the fullest 12d

Kikko Bā is no longer a pop-up but rather a fixed star on the Viennese firmament of great Asian…

Austria #city #food

XO Grill - Takeout - Prepare Yourself for Burger Heaven living to the fullest 14d

XO Grill exceeded all my expectations. Usually a burger is a burger. But this one transcends…

Austria #city #food

Top 5 Buildings in Salzburg, Austria Stephen Travels 15d

From my vantage point above the city, I was able to look out at all of Salzburg and its Alpine…

Austria #architecture #building #city #sightseeing

Hausbar - Takeout - Ready-Made or Be Your Own Cook living to the fullest 19d

The Hausbar has started a new adventure with Käsknöpfle takeout. Either for home (also availabe at…

Austria #city #food

Morning Walks in Vienna During Lockdown - an Almost Empty… living to the fullest 21d

Vienna is always full of tourists. Except for now, suddenly the city is empty and there is finally…

Austria #architecture #building #city #sightseeing

Vienna Top Travel Tips | Girl Going Global Girl Going Global 21d


Austria #city #food #lifestyle #video

A Winter Walk in Vienna - From Kahlenbergdörfl to… living to the fullest 26d

The Leopoldsberg and the Kahlenberg are the two local 'mountains' of Vienna. Mountain might be a…

Austria #city #hiking #nature

What I Learned in 2020 - How to Live Your Best Life During… living to the fullest 63d

While twelve months don't seem like a long time, when it comes to a pandemic time suddenly stops.…

Austria #city #lifestyle #tip

Christmas Lights in Vienna - This Is What the City Is… living to the fullest 70d

There is a first time for everything. Even an advent season without tourists. All the more reason…

Austria #city #festival

Piroschka - an Authentic Hungarian Restaurant in Vienna living to the fullest 72d

I have it from the most reliable source when it comes to Hungarian food. Piroschka is the real…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Erich (Update) - There Is No Need to Come for… living to the fullest 82d

As cool and hip the bar is, the restaurant was a let down. Especially since I really enjoyed my…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Le Pic Brasserie - Uninspired French Breakfast living to the fullest 93d

Le Pic brasserie is a new addition in Vienna of the growing number of French bistros. Unfortunately…

Austria #city #food

Restaurant Schubert - a Very Pleasant Surprise living to the fullest 100d

The former Restaurant Schubert had typical Viennese food. The Restaurant Schubert 2.0 has a…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Ukiyo Bistro - Finally Some Interesting Asian… living to the fullest 107d

The choices for Asian breakfast are limited in Vienna. So Ukiyo bistro feels like a godsend if you…

Austria #city #food

Gerhard Richter Exhibition (Landscape) - See It It in Vienna living to the fullest 112d

Gerhard Richter's landscapes are currently on exhibition in Vienna. Even though the Kunstforum is…

Austria #art #city

Modern Korean Restaurant - Small Menu, Great Taste living to the fullest 124d

Modern Korean has established its place in Vienna as a go-to-place for top Korean food. Small…

Austria #city #food