Travel stories about Austria

Austria is a perfect country for traveling or for spending your holidays. Austria has a lot to offer for you. If you like to learn more about the culture or if you just want to relax, Austria might be a country to consider to visit.

If you want to know more, because you want to visit Austria or you are traveling there right now, you will find here useful and fun blog posts written by other travelers that have been visiting Austria in Europe. Just let other travel bloggers inspire you!

Zum Schwarzen Kameel - Fine Dining in Fantastic Environment living to the fullest 3d

If you want to get to know Viennese food on a very high level then Zum Schwarzen Kameel is the…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Gustav Emil Paula Paula - Just Start Your Day… living to the fullest 5d

The breakfast options at Gustav Emil Paula Paula didn't really entice me. But the croissant…

Austria #city #food

Servitenwirt - Great Shady Terrace Next to the Church living to the fullest 7d

The Servitenwirt looks like your typical Viennese neighborhood restaurant and then surprises with…

Austria #city #food

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Breakfast at Propeller Wien - a Pleasant Place to Start… living to the fullest 11d

Propeller Wien offers a wide range of breakfast choices which are tasty and interesting. And the…

Austria #city #food

Primo Piano Osteria Pizza Bar living to the fullest 13d

In the dessert of the outskirts of Vienna Primo Piano is quite the little gem. The food was…

Austria #city #food

Allegro - Osteria/Alimentari/Catering - Takeout living to the fullest 17d

Allegro is not only an osteria but also an alimentari, which means you can get original Italian…

Austria #city #food

Gut Purbach - Takeout - Max Stiegl Delivers on a High Level living to the fullest 19d

Gut Purbach has not been on my must-visit restaurant list so far. But after ordering a couple of…

Austria #food

A Short Walk Through the Dorotheer Wald - Things to Do in… living to the fullest 21d

The Dorotheer Wald is a large body of wood within the city of Vienna. The trees let you breathe…

Austria #city #hiking #nature

Breakfast at Adlerhof - Needs More Time to Live up to Its… living to the fullest 23d

The Adlerhof is a beautiful place. But I also hope this will not be their doom. A restaurant needs…

Austria #city #food

Ballroom - Damn Good Dumplings living to the fullest 33d

Ballroom offers homemade dumplings with various fillings. This is fast food at its best. The frozen…

Austria #city #food

Lisboa Lounge - I Don't Think Portuguese Food Is Usually… living to the fullest 39d

Lisboa Lounge promised much with its starters and then was so bland for the main dishes. Maybe just…

Austria #city #food

How to Spend 48 Hours in Salzburg | a Charming Austrian City Fly & Seek 40d

Discover everything that Salzburg has to offer including mountains, mansions and gardens. We'll…

Austria #mountain #photography #sightseeing #tip

Oreno Ramen - This Will Be My Go-To Ramen Place Forever living to the fullest 47d

Ramen has never been my favorite, maybe because of the supermarket variety. But Oreno Ramen changed…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Öfferl - Buy the Bread and Eat at Home living to the fullest 53d

Öfferl is really a wonderful addition to the new crop of bakeries in Vienna. Unfortunately the…

Austria #city #food

Noble Savage - What You Get When the Chef Has Free Rein living to the fullest 59d

At Noble Savage the chef is the boss. He cooks what he wants and what the season holds in store.…

Austria #city #food

Woracziczky Gasthaus - Good Austrian Fried Dishes living to the fullest 61d

Woracziczky Gasthaus has really good fried food. And isn't that an Austrian staple? So if you want…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Café Eiles - Old-Fashioned Viennese Breakfast living to the fullest 63d

If you are looking for a typical Viennese breakfast Café Eiles is your place to go. I love the…

Austria #city #food

Al Zaytouna Kitchen living to the fullest 65d

After a visit to the Lebanon I can verify that the food at Al Zaytouna Kitchen tastes remarkable…

Austria #city #food

Babida Korean Restaurant - More a Place for Take Away living to the fullest 69d

Babida Korean restaurant is not a place where you want to linger. It has the charme of a train…

Austria #city #food