Travel stories about Austria

Austria is a perfect country for traveling or for spending your holidays. Austria has a lot to offer for you. If you like to learn more about the culture or if you just want to relax, Austria might be a country to consider to visit.

If you want to know more, because you want to visit Austria or you are traveling there right now, you will find here useful and fun blog posts written by other travelers that have been visiting Austria in Europe. Just let other travel bloggers inspire you!

20 Things to Know Before Visiting Vienna, Austria Travelsewhere 15d

Vienna is a classic tourist destination that easily impresses visitors, but to ensure the perfect…

Austria #city #museum #sightseeing #tip

An Afternoon at Stadtflucht Bergmühle living to the fullest 16d

Don't you love a road trip? Sometimes it's just a day trip. Like the one to Stadtflucht Bergmühle…

Austria #food #lifestyle #roadtrip

The Green Lake Grüner See Styria Austria The Golden Scope 21d

Grüner See, commonly know as the Green Lake, is located in Styria, in Austria. The lake is…

Austria #mountain #nationalpark #nature #riverlake

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Café Engländer - a Coffeehouse With a Really Good Kitchen living to the fullest 28d

Café Engländer is so much more than your regular coffeehouse. Go for breakfast or come for a real…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Klyo - Looks Amazingly Tasty but Doesn't… living to the fullest 35d

Klyo has an excellent location and does the most with it. The place was full when I was there.…

Austria #city #food

Waarom het Oostenrijkse Graz Perfect Is voor een Stedentrip A travel blog by Stefania 42d

Graz heeft zowel eeuwenoude als moderne architectuur, innoverende gastronomie, bloedstollende…

Austria #architecture #art #city #museum

Vorstadtprinz Restaurant - the Menu Takes You Around the… living to the fullest 42d

The Vorstadtprinz promises a trip around the world with its men. Unfortunately it doesn't deliever…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Café Zuckergoscherl - Excellent Location for a… living to the fullest 51d

The Zuckergoscherl is next to the Rochusmarkt and catches the morning sun. Great spot to sit and…

Austria #city #food

Exploring the Roman Ruins of Carnuntum, Austria Travelsewhere 57d

Explore a side of Austrian history that few get to see by visiting the Roman ruins of Carnuntum.…

Austria #history #sightseeing #tip

Xu’s Cooking - Vegetarian and Vegan Asian Restaurant living to the fullest 58d

Xu’s Cooking is an Asian restaurant which only offers vegetarian and vegan dishes. Not a restaurant…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Café Zehnsiebzig - Dalmatian Products Turned… living to the fullest 63d

Café Zehnsiebzig offers a small range of Damlmatian products and food. The breakfast menu is short…

Austria #city #food

What the Duck - Cool Location With Bad Service and… living to the fullest 65d

I would have gone with mediocre. But 'What the Duck' is unfortunately not even that. It was just…

Austria #city #food

Okra Izakaya - Small Japanese Restaurant With More Than… living to the fullest 77d

Okra Izakaya is on the small side with just 22 available seats. So you would do good to get a…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Stroeck Feierabend living to the fullest 82d

Although a bakery chain this breakfast place surprises with interesting variations. Not just…

Austria #city #food

Lingenhel (Update) - a Cheese Dairy With a Restaurant living to the fullest 107d

Lingenhel provides a relaxed atmosphere under its vaulted ceiling and the kitchen is doing the best…

Austria #city #food

Eggs Benedict in Vienna - They Look Different in Every… living to the fullest 110d

Eggs Benedict are my favorite breakfast dish. So where to go for good ones in Vienna? Since this is…

Austria #city #food

7 Things to Know About Drinking Coffee in Vienna Travelsewhere 117d

Drinking coffee in Vienna is an experience on its own and of the things to do in Vienna, visiting a…

Austria #city #drinks #food

Home Café - Icelandic Food Has Found Its Way to Vienna living to the fullest 128d

It might be the only Icelandic place in Vienna but it definitely brings Iceland to my city. The…

Austria #city #food

Ludwig - Das Burger Restaurant living to the fullest 131d

Ludwig gets all the extra trimmings right. From a nice and bright restaurant to a tasty ketchup.…

Austria #city #food