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I’m Tanya and I love to travel! I am also a busy mother and wife who works full-time. My goal is to inspire busy people to make travel a priority. There are so many benefits to be gained from traveling so I enjoy providing travel tips and features on travel destinations that encourage others to expand their travel bucket lists!

Lovely Lucerne Traveling Tanya 5d

Join Traveling Tanya as she spends three days exploring lovely Lucerne Switzerland. Venture…

Switzerland #architecture #history #sightseeing #transport

Top 4 Things to Do in Heidelberg Germany Traveling Tanya 12d

Situated along the Neckar River, Heidelberg is known as a University town, and it is bustling with…

Germany #food #history #sightseeing #view

5 Things Americans Find Unusual in Europe Traveling Tanya 19d

One of the great benefits of travel is experiencing new things. New food, new customs, new people,…

#drinks #food #tips

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The Nightwatchman Walk With Ralf in Lucerne, Switzerland Traveling Tanya 24d

If you find yourself in Lucerne, Switzerland be sure to put the Nightwatchman Walk on your…

Switzerland #video

A Taste of Germany in the Midwest Traveling Tanya 54d

German Village is a quaint community just south of Columbus, Ohio. Read all about Traveling Tanya’s…

United States #drinks #food #roadtrip

How You Can Afford to Travel: Part 1 Traveling Tanya 75d

In Part 1of a 3 part series on making travel more affordable, Traveling Tanya shares ideas for how…

Marcie's Swiss Adventure: Moving Overseas Traveling Tanya 82d

Traveling is full of amazing opportunities, but imagine moving your entire family overseas!…


How to Create Your Travel Bucket List Traveling Tanya 132d

Learn the steps to creating your Travel Bucket List. These 7 steps will ensure you develop a…


Galena Getaway for Two (2017) Traveling Tanya 242d

If you love exploring quaint, small towns, then you must get to Galena! Galena Illinois is located…

United States #accommodation #food #roadtrip #romance