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I am a writer and a traveller. My travels take me to all parts of the world, but my current favourite destinations are Italy, Spain and North America. My blog focuses on "the interesting and the unusual", with a particular emphasis upon history, culture and countryside.

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What to See and Do in Bradford on Avon WorldWideWriter 7d

Things to see and do in Bradford in Avon, an attractive medieval town just eight miles from Bath.

United Kingdom #city #history #sightseeing #tips

Can the New Venice Tourist Tax Combat Overtourism? WorldWideWriter 14d

The new Venice Tourist Tax will be levied on visitors in an attempt to address overtourism and to…

Italy #city

Visiting the Queen’s Horses at the Royal Mews, London WorldWideWriter 21d

The Royal Mews in London houses the Queen’s horses and state carriages. An enjoyable visit for…

United Kingdom #city #sightseeing

Virtual Reality and Travel: the Future of Tourism? WorldWideWriter 28d

What is the future of virtual reality in the travel industry? And can VR ever be a substitute for…

Graffiti or Street Art? St Pauli and the Schanzenviertel,… WorldWideWriter 35d

Exploring the abundant street art of St Pauli and Schanzenviertel in Hamburg. Is it street art or…

Germany #art #city

Speicherstadt, Hamburg: Bridges, Canals and Warehouses WorldWideWriter 42d

The Speicherstadt area of Hamburg is a remarkable combination of canals and neo-Gothic…

Germany #architecture #building #city #sightseeing

Where to Find Jane Austen in Bath WorldWideWriter 49d

Jane Austen was a regular visitor to Bath, as were many of her fictional characters. Read on for…

United Kingdom #city

In the Footprints of Great Writers: Discover Literary Bath WorldWideWriter 56d

Discover the writers who have lived in, or written about, the city of Bath. And find out where to…

United Kingdom #city

A Tour of the Old Theatre Royal and Masonic Hall, Bath WorldWideWriter 63d

Exploring the fascinating and multi-layered history of the Old Theatre Royal and Masonic Hall, one…

United Kingdom #building #history #museum

Holburne Museum and Sydney Gardens: the Oldest Park and… WorldWideWriter 70d

When you visit Bath don’t miss the Holburne Museum and the Sydney Gardens - the city’s oldest park…

United Kingdom #building #history #museum #park

Exploring the Museums of Bath WorldWideWriter 77d

The museums of Bath are so numerous and varied that it could take a month to explore them all!

United Kingdom #city #museum #sightseeing

Books to Read Before You Visit Spain WorldWideWriter 91d

My personal selection of books to read before you visit Spain.

Spain #history #lifestyle

Discovering Hidden York WorldWideWriter 98d

Discovering Hidden York, the secrets that hide around every corner.

United Kingdom #architecture #city #history #sightseeing

The Antonine Wall, Britain’s Other Roman Wall WorldWideWriter 105d

The Antonine Wall was a Roman frontier across Scotland. it is less well known than Hadrian’s Wall…

United Kingdom #history #sightseeing

In Search of the Callanish Standing Stones WorldWideWriter 112d

The Callanish Standing Stones are a series of stone circles and other prehistoric sites on the Isle…

United Kingdom #history #sightseeing

Walking Beside the Orange Trees at the Alcazar of Córdoba WorldWideWriter 126d

The Alcazar of Córdoba was once the headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition, but today it is home…

Spain #history #sightseeing

La Mezquita, Córdoba: the Mosque That Became a Cathedral WorldWideWriter 133d

La Mezquita, Córdoba is both mosque and cathedral, a unique mixture of Moorish and Renaissance…

Spain #architecture #building #history #sightseeing

Ilulissat, the Iceberg Capital of the World WorldWideWriter 154d

Discovering icebergs of all shapes, sizes, and colours at Ilulissat, the Iceberg capital of the…

#nature #sightseeing #view