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I was born in the U.S., but my heart belongs to Italy. I have developed this blog to talk about all things Italian, especially from the Lazio region, including travel, art, food, history, and life in general.

My love affair with Italy began when I was a child. When my parents decided to pack everything up and move back there, we moved to Milano, where I attended first grade, and even though I was so young, it has left quite an impression on me. In fact, to this day I have been trying to find my way back to a life there, but having a family makes it a not so easy thing! Of course, I go to Italy every chance I get, having my father's side of the family there, mostly in the Lazio region which is in central Italy and includes Italy's capital, Rome.

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The Church of Santa Maria Di Correano La Ciociara 110d

The church of Santa Maria (or La Madonna) di Correano is located in Ausonia, in an area known as…

Italy #building #family #history #sightseeing

The Mysterious Montagna Spaccata in Gaeta La Ciociara 390d

The mysterious sea grotto of Montagna Spaccata, or Split Mountain, is a natural wonder found on…

Italy #cave #history #mountain #sightseeing

The Caves (Grotte) of Pastena La Ciociara 416d

The caves were used about 3000 years ago by the local people, the Volsci, as a place of worship.…

Italy #adventure #cave #history #sightseeing

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The Sanctuary of the Madonna Del Piano, Ausonia La Ciociara 504d

The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Piano (Madonna of the Plain) is a Roman Catholic Church in the…

#family #history #roadtrip #sightseeing

Civita Di Bagnoregio – the Dying City La Ciociara 628d

Civita di Bagnoregio, also known as “La Citta Che Muore”, or “The Dying City”, is a sort of ghost…

Italy #history #roadtrip #sightseeing

How to Jar Tomatoes, Italian Style La Ciociara 958d

When I was growing up, I always knew when it was almost the end of summer just by the smell of…

#family #food #lifestyle

Pignoli Cookies La Ciociara 1337d

Pignoli cookies are the Italian version of macaroons with the addition of pine nuts. They…

Italy #art #food #history #sightseeing

Monte Fammera La Ciociara 1571d

Monte Fammera is a very distinctly shaped mountain which overlooks the municipalities of Ausonia…

Italy #history #mountain