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Traveling is my passion. And while doing so I like to eat my way though a country. Is there any better way than this to get to know a new place? Of course traveling requires getting from A to B which gives me also a chance to catch up with my reading list.

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Noble Savage - What You Get When the Chef Has Free Rein living to the fullest 2d

At Noble Savage the chef is the boss. He cooks what he wants and what the season holds in store.…

Austria #city #food

Woracziczky Gasthaus - Good Austrian Fried Dishes living to the fullest 4d

Woracziczky Gasthaus has really good fried food. And isn't that an Austrian staple? So if you want…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Café Eiles - Old-Fashioned Viennese Breakfast living to the fullest 6d

If you are looking for a typical Viennese breakfast Café Eiles is your place to go. I love the…

Austria #city #food

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Al Zaytouna Kitchen living to the fullest 8d

After a visit to the Lebanon I can verify that the food at Al Zaytouna Kitchen tastes remarkable…

Austria #city #food

Babida Korean Restaurant - More a Place for Take Away living to the fullest 12d

Babida Korean restaurant is not a place where you want to linger. It has the charme of a train…

Austria #city #food

Eggs Benedict in Vienna (Part 2) - They Still Look… living to the fullest 14d

Eggs Benedict are my favorite breakfast dish. So where to go for good ones in Vienna? Since this is…

Austria #city #food

What I Learned in Rome - Sightseeing, Guided Tours and Ice… living to the fullest 16d

Rome is always worth a trip. But especially so in January if you want to have the city to yourself.…

Italy #city #sightseeing #tip

More Impressions of Rome - a Virtual Walk Around Rome living to the fullest 18d

Since Rome is closed at the moment to all but the locals (and even them), take a tour with me and…

Italy #city #sightseeing

The Doors of Rome - Project a Certain Elegance to the World living to the fullest 20d

The doors of Rome show their elegance already at first glance. These are not just doors for…

Italy #architecture #city

More Roman History Stuff to See in Rome living to the fullest 22d

There is a reason why Rome is called the eternal city. There is so much old stuff to see, and this…

Italy #architecture #city #history #sightseeing

Rome - Where to Go and What to Order living to the fullest 24d

One would think that all restaurants in Rome are good. They serve Italian food after all. But this…

Italy #city #food

The Colosseum and the Forum Romanum - a Guided Tour living to the fullest 26d

The Colosseum and the Forum Romanum are a must-see when in Rome. It is definitely worth your money…

Italy #architecture #city #history #sightseeing

A Weekend in Rome - Sightseeing and Other Stuff living to the fullest 28d

Rome is a great destination at all times of the year. But in January it was the perfect weekend…

Italy #architecture #city #sightseeing

Kiang Wine and Dine - a Modern Take on Chinese Cuisine living to the fullest 30d

Chinese food can be very generic or very difficult. Kiang Wine and Dine is right on point with its…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Aumann - Avoid the Ready-Made Combinations living to the fullest 32d

One would think breakfast is a straight forward meal. But much can go wrong when it's not well…

Austria #city #food

What I Learned in Lebanon - New Country, Different Culture living to the fullest 36d

Despite demonstrations going on in Lebanon traveling through the country was easy. What an…

Lebanon #city #history #nature #sightseeing

The Doors of Beirut - Lots of Iron Grille and a Bit of Wood living to the fullest 38d

The doors of Beirut are mostly done in iron grille. Some lead into a garden, others in a house. And…

Lebanon #architecture #city

More Impressions From the Lebanon living to the fullest 40d

There is more to see in Lebanon than the archeological sites. This country might be old in history…

Lebanon #city #sightseeing

A Day Trip to Byblos - What's Left of the Crusader Castle living to the fullest 42d

The guided tour to Byblos includes a stop at the Jeita Grotto, at the Virgin Mary statue in Harissa…

Lebanon #cave #history #roadtrip #sightseeing