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Traveling is my passion. And while doing so I like to eat my way though a country. Is there any better way than this to get to know a new place? Of course traveling requires getting from A to B which gives me also a chance to catch up with my reading list.

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Mantel & Korsten - Estonian Cuisine With Interesting Ideas living to the fullest 14d

Mantel & Korsten offers an Estonian take on Mediterranean cuisine and it achieves it in part. The…

Estonia #city #food

Walking Through Tallinn - Spending a Weekend Exploring the… living to the fullest 16d

Tallinn as capital of Estonia surprises with a deeply medieval old town. I loved walking through…

Estonia #architecture #city #history #sightseeing

L'osteria - Don't Go There, It's Not Worth Your Money living to the fullest 18d

As inviting the L'Osteria looks, unfortunately the food doesn't work. I found it bland and boring.…

Austria #city #food

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Breakfast at Naschmarkt Deli - Turkish Breakfast and Music living to the fullest 20d

Where else in Vienna can you get with breakfast great music from a DJ? That's one of the special…

Austria #city #food

Café Restaurant Leto - Wonderful Mediterranean Food living to the fullest 22d

Café Restaurant Leto is definitely a place where you need a reservation. And no wonder, the food is…

Austria #city #food

What I Learned in Warsaw - From What to Eat and Where to… living to the fullest 24d

The European Union unites but also divides us. Each country shows very distinct characteristics…

Poland #city #tip

The Doors of Warsaw - Check Out the Ornaments on Top living to the fullest 26d

The doors of Warsaw come in different formes. Most of them are wooden doors, some decorated with…

Poland #architecture #city

Nolita Restaurant - an Interesting Fine Dining Experience… living to the fullest 30d

An evening at Nolita restaurant is full of new experiences. Some courses were not to my liking, but…

Poland #city #food

A Weekend in Warsaw - Free Walking Tours and Sightseeing living to the fullest 34d

Warsaw has a lot to offer. So two days is already cutting it close. Still it is enough to get a…

Poland #architecture #city #museum #sightseeing

Restaurant Bar Zweitbester - They Have Air Condition living to the fullest 36d

There is no need to come for the food to Restaurant Zweitbester. But it's a nice enough…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Drechsler - Finally an Interesting Choice at… living to the fullest 38d

Drechsler - when you want to spend your Saturday at the market but have enough of all the tourists…

Austria #city #food

Takans Fisch Restaurant - Fresh Fish From the Market living to the fullest 40d

Takans Fisch Restaurant is a neighbourhood place but the freshness of the fish appeals to everyone.…

Austria #city #food

The Doors of Rovinj and Valle D'istria living to the fullest 42d

The bright doors of Rovinj and Valle d'Istria sparkle in the sun and give of a feeling of lightness…

Croatia #architecture #city

More Impressions of Rovinj and Valle D'istria living to the fullest 44d

There was so much laundry above my head in Rovinj that it almost felt like Naples. Except that I…

Croatia #architecture #city #sightseeing

A Weekend in Rovinj - Sunshine and Blue Sea in Abundance living to the fullest 50d

Rovinj is fabulous for a long weekend or an even longer period. The old town is impressive and the…

Croatia #architecture #city #sightseeing #swimming

Breakfast at Motto Am Fluss - Enjoy Your Place in the Sun living to the fullest 52d

Motto am Fluss has a couple of very interesting breakfast variations. There is a lot more available…

Austria #city #food

Grace Restaurant - the Name Really Does Speak for the Food living to the fullest 54d

Absolutely fabulous small restaurant with a delicious menu. If you want to try cooking on a higher…

#city #food

Breakfast at Ferrari Caffè - Stick With Coffee and Cornetto living to the fullest 56d

Going for breakfast at Ferrari Caffè sounded at first like a good plan but turned out to be not…

Austria #city #food

What I Learned in Kiev - a Surprisingly Stylish and Modern… living to the fullest 58d

You always learn something new when you travel. Especially when you visit a new place. So here are…

Ukraine #city #tip