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Traveling is my passion. And while doing so I like to eat my way though a country. Is there any better way than this to get to know a new place? Of course traveling requires getting from A to B which gives me also a chance to catch up with my reading list.

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Breakfast at Ma Belle Bistro & Bar living to the fullest 2d

Vienna has a new place for Eggs Benedict. Ma Belle Bistro calls them the French way, but the eggs…

Austria #city #food

The Doors of Milos Come in All Colors and Sizes living to the fullest 4d

Milos is not your typical blue and white island. While it has a lot of that, it also offers other…

Greece #building #city #island

The Food of Milos and Where to Go - My Favorite Was Enalion… living to the fullest 12d

Pollonia despite its size has a couple of nice restaurants. My favorite was Enalion which has a…

Greece #food #island

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The Beaches of Milos (Definitely Not a Complete List) living to the fullest 14d

Milos has a lot of beaches from which you can chose. All of them seem special, some sandy, some…

Greece #island

Sightseeing in Milos - Prehistoric Sites and Catacombs living to the fullest 16d

Milos offers more than beautiful beaches. This island has a history and a lot to show for it. From…

Greece #history #island #sightseeing

A Day Trip to Kimolos - but It's Worth to Stay Longer on… living to the fullest 18d

Kimolos island is only a short ferry ride from Milos. Although it is very small, it has a couple of…

Greece #beach #building #island #sightseeing

Why Milos Is Perfect for a Week of Vacation living to the fullest 22d

Do you really need a reason to go to Greece? I don't, but if you need some, here is why Milos…

Austria #beach #history #island #sightseeing

Traveling to Greece in Times of a Pandemic living to the fullest 24d

What to do if you want to travel during a pandemic. Go to Greece! They really enforce the…

Greece #island #tip #transportation

Dogenhof - So Much More Than Just a Restaurant living to the fullest 28d

Dogenhof appears to be a mix of restaurant, bar, and shop. I can't speak for the shop, but the…

Austria #city #drinks #food

Sommer Im Park - Kursalon Hübner - Come Dancing in the Park living to the fullest 30d

I miss going dancing during this pandemic. So how much fun is it to do it outside and safely.…

Austria #city #drinks #nightlife #party

Breakfast at Sperling Im Augarten - Remarkable Bad Service living to the fullest 34d

The Sperling im Augarten has a beautiful location and breakfast was quite good. But when the…

Austria #city #food

Suk Sushi-Bar - While It Is a Small Place, It Is Big on… living to the fullest 36d

Don't go by the looks of Suk Sushi-Bar. This small and unassuming restaurant is big on taste. Very…

Austria #city #food

A Weekend in Straden and the Surrounding Area living to the fullest 38d

Straden is a small and pitcturesque village in the south of Austria. If you want some time to relax…

Austria #nature #roadtrip

Breakfast at Mae Aurel - Don't Come for the Eggs Benedict living to the fullest 40d

Mae Aurel has a really long list of breakfast options. Bigger is not always better though and the…

Austria #city #food

A Weekend in Altaussee - the Salzkammergut Is Always Worth… living to the fullest 42d

Altaussee is of course most beautiful in sunshine. But the Salzkammergut has its own weather. So…

Austria #mountain #nature

Breakfast at Neni Am Naschmarkt - Good Food All Day Long living to the fullest 44d

The Naschmarkt in Vienna has a handful of Turkish breakfast places, but only one Israeli food…

Austria #city #food

Pizza Senza Danza - Pop up - Enjoy Your Pizza While It Lasts living to the fullest 46d

There is no dancing at Pizza Senza Danza. That has fallen victim to the pandemic. But the pizza…

Austria #city #food

Breakfast at Waldemar Tagesbar - Decent Breakfast Around… living to the fullest 48d

Waldemar Tagesbar promises a very interesting breakfast, which then turns out to be rather…

Austria #city #food

Vienna - From the Michaelerplatz to St. Stephen's Cathedral living to the fullest 50d

Walking through Vienna is always beautiful. Even more so during a pandemic with no tourists in…

Austria #architecture #city #sightseeing