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In ‘Minivan of Memories’ everyone is a potential blogger as together we build a diary of our best holiday memories. It could be anything from a crazy night out in Tokyo, a Parisian boat trip on the River Seine, or even just watching the sunset in Rio. On this blog, every moment is a 5-star experience and we want to know all about it. So whether you’re a Dreamer, Explorer or Adventurer, the Minivan of Memories will have a story to inspire and motivate you. Pick your tribe, or ese check latest posts at the end of the page. Enjoy the trip!

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Magi Goes to Cuba Minivan of Memories 630d

#Partern_TheTravelersBlueprint - There are a lot of misconceptions about traveling to Cuba. In this…


Let’s Talk About Pompeii Minivan of Memories 637d

What can be more pleasant than a few days away from everyday routine surrounded by your closest…


Chimwemwe and the Witch Doctor Minivan of Memories 651d

People have said that Africa grips you. It wraps itself around your limbs, embracing you, leaving…


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Iceland, Sights of a Century Minivan of Memories 665d

Iceland has been regarded as a staple of the natural world for decades, experiencing a recent…


Two Years in Paraguay With the Peace Corps Minivan of Memories 672d

#Partern_TheTravelersBlueprint - Mel Witman discusses her experiences as a volunteer with the Peace…


Cornwall, Kudhva and the Crazies at Polzeath Minivan of Memories 679d

Our Passenger Arran Tiffen, in a road-trip adventure through the English coastline from Cornwall to…

United Kingdom

The Travelers Blueprint - Biking 900 Miles Alone on the… Minivan of Memories 686d

Lina Montopoli divulges her decision to bike 900 miles alone along the Pan American Highway. Her…


Shaken up in Hawaii Minivan of Memories 693d

Passenger Bob DiMenna and his wife are the Adventurers of the week with a great story about their…

United States

The Magical Christmas Market, in Italy Minivan of Memories 698d

Some of the richest travel memories are from when there’s a chill in the air and everyone feels a…


Hugging an Elephant, in Thailand Minivan of Memories 728d

Breaking away from her office job routine, our Passenger Feyza Ozbilen departed on a five-week solo…


La Dolce Vita of Tuscany, Italy Minivan of Memories 735d

Our Passenger Sindy explorers the Tuscany region in Italy and all it’s fleur. From the small alleys…


The Stunning Australian Coastline Minivan of Memories 742d

Our Passenger Bobby Sunderland on an incredible adventure traveling across the country to…

Australia #beach #island #nature

Discovering the Pittoresque Side of Northern Italy Minivan of Memories 749d

The calm atmosphere of the mountains, the endless majestic lakes, and the undeniable cultural…

Italy #architecture #city #lifestyle

Bosnia: a Short Getaway to Green Sceneries and Charming Old… Minivan of Memories 756d

After a busy time at work, our Explorer Passenger Matias decided that it was time for a few days…

Bosnia and Herzegovina #architecture #city #sightseeing

A Truly Life Changing Experience Travelling the World Minivan of Memories 763d

Visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world, camping at the Grand Canyon, exploring the…

Slovenia #lifestyle #photography #roadtrip

My First Big Trip, Backpacking in Prague Minivan of Memories 770d

About 4 years ago our Passenger Sabine was only 16 years old and decided that was time to take a…

Czechia #city #food #lifestyle

Folk Music, Food and Wine - Enjoying the Voloder's Autumn,… Minivan of Memories 777d

Bringing people from all over Croatia, Voloder's Autumn its a traditional festival of folk music,…


Driving a Campervan Around Italy Minivan of Memories 784d

Our Adventurer Passenger Felipe Banhara and his family had two weeks driving and living in a…

Italy #art #city #food #lifestyle

Paris, a Sunset to Remember Minivan of Memories 791d

Among glasses of wine, macarons and timeless landscapes, our Dreamer Passenger Bruno Bettelli…

France #city #family #food #music