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I am a writer and a traveller. My travels take me to all parts of the world, but my current favourite destinations are Italy, Spain and North America. My blog focuses on "the interesting and the unusual", with a particular emphasis upon history, culture and countryside.

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Discover Japanese Cuisine With Byfood WorldWideWriter 20d

ByFood is a one-stop platform for the Japanese foodie traveller, offering food tours, online…

Japan #drinks #food

Best French Restaurants in London: Finest Dining Options WorldWideWriter 23d

It is surprisingly easy to find excellent French cuisine in London. Here's a small selection of the…

United Kingdom #city #food

8 Unique Things to Do in London WorldWideWriter 27d

There is no shortage of tourist sights in the capital, but you might not have considered these…

United Kingdom #city #sightseeing

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A Day in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk WorldWideWriter 33d

A day in Bury St Edmunds, the historic capital of East Anglia. Visitors can enjoy the ancient abbey…

United Kingdom

Eleven Top Things to Do in Singapore WorldWideWriter 47d

Whether you are looking for culture, nature or something a bit different, these are some of the top…

Singapore #city #sightseeing

Ten Top Thai Dishes WorldWideWriter 61d

Thailand has a delicious and distinctive cuisine. Here are some of the top Thai dishes to sample as…

Thailand #food

Why Visit Saxony? a Virtual Tour WorldWideWriter 75d

Why visit Saxony? It's the cultural capital of Germany, with historic towns and villages, unspoilt…

Germany #sightseeing

Discover the Amazing Architecture of Ostrava, Czech Republic WorldWideWriter 82d

Exploring the varied architecture of Ostrava, where you will find an intriguing mixture of old, new…

Czechia #architecture #building #city #sightseeing

Discovering the Painted Churches of East Anglia WorldWideWriter 89d

Why were medieval church walls painted and why many of the paintings lost? And where can you find…

United Kingdom #art #building #history #sightseeing

12 Day Trips From London by Train WorldWideWriter 103d

Twelve easy day trips from London by train, taking in historic cities, seaside towns, a historic…

United Kingdom #railway #sightseeing

Six Unique Things to Do in San Francisco WorldWideWriter 117d

Six unique things to do in San Francisco, including a rather unusual sculpture and a trail through…

United States #city #sightseeing

Exploring Corfe Castle, Dorset: Historic Fortress and… WorldWideWriter 124d

Enjoy a trip to Corfe Castle, Dorset for the romantic hilltop castle with magnificent views, and…

United Kingdom #building #history #sightseeing

Visiting Wareham, Dorset: a Saxon Walled Town WorldWideWriter 131d

Visiting Wareham in Dorset, a Saxon walled town. The Wareham Town Walls Walk gives an introduction…

United Kingdom #history #sightseeing

South Africa Travel Tips: 12 Essentials to Guide You on… WorldWideWriter 138d

Twelve essential travel tips to help you plan your visit to the beautiful and welcoming country of…

South Africa #tip

Best Things to See and Do in Shaftesbury, Dorset WorldWideWriter 145d

The best things to see and do in Shaftesbury, Dorset. This is a Saxon hill town full of history,…

United Kingdom #city #history #sightseeing

A Day Trip to the Wye Valley in South Wales WorldWideWriter 152d

The beautiful Wye Valley in Wales is an easy day trip from south-west England, with a variety of…

United Kingdom #nature #sightseeing

Tintern Abbey, Wales: an Inspiration for Poets and Artists WorldWideWriter 159d

Tintern Abbey, in the Wye Valley in Wales, is a romantic ruin in a dramatic setting. It has long…

United Kingdom #building #history #sightseeing

Enjoying the Gardens of the Wye Valley, Wales WorldWideWriter 167d

If you love gardens and countryside don't miss the gardens of the Wye Valley, a magical spot with…

United Kingdom

Binham Priory, Norfolk: a Unique Architectural Heritage WorldWideWriter 173d

Binham Priory is architecturally unique. It also has the oldest example of bar tracery in England,…

United Kingdom #architecture #building #history #sightseeing