Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Tropital?

On Tropital you can follow your favorite travel blogs and discover new ones. If you are a writer of a travel blog, you can share your blog posts in the easiest way. It's a good way to increase traffic to your blog.

2. How can I add a travel blog post?

If you're a blogger or you have seen a nice post about any country or place, you can add it easily to Tropital by clicking the 'Join Tropital' button at the top right and paste the URL of the post in the text field. Then you can fill in the required data, including country, language and enter a short description. After submitting the post, it will be verified by Tropital and after being verified the blog post will be visible on the website.

3. What requirements do we need to be published on Tropital?

There are some conditions that a blog post must meet.

  • The post should be about a country, a place or a tourist attraction or the post should be about a general travel topic.
  • The blog website should be properly displayed on mobile devices, so we only accept responsive websites on Tropital.
  • The post should be written by a traveler and not a company with a commercial purpose.

4. What can I do with my account?

Are you a blogger, Tropital can be very interesting for you. You can add and manage the posts of your own website.

In addition, you can Love, Save and Share posts on Tropital. You can follow bloggers and destinations. This way you can keep up-to-date with the posts of bloggers and destinations you are interested in.

5. What is 'claiming' a blog?

If you are a blogger and you see a post that is yours, press the Claim button. We will verify if you are the owner of the website where the post is on. After verification all posts of your website will be displayed in your account under 'My Profile'. If you upload a profile photo and enter a profile description, it will be appeared on every post of yours. Travelers interested in you as a blogger will recognize your posts quickly and can Love, Save or Share them.

6. What are tropiPoints?

We rank our Travel Blog Top 100 by using tropiPoints (tP). The more tropiPoints you have, the higher you are in the ranking. As a blogger you can earn tropiPoints from these actions you accomplish;

  • If someone loves a post of yours = 1 tP
  • If someone follows you = 10 tP
  • If you add a new post = 4 tP

7. How do I manage my profile?

When you click on the button 'Edit Profile' on the 'My Profile' page, you can upload your profile picture and add your name. You also can fill in your social media accounts, like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

8. How do I manage my blog posts?

As a blogger you can manage your own blog posts. When you have an account and claimed one of your blog posts, you will find your posts under 'My Profile'. You can tag your posts which can be very useful when visitors are searching for posts that match with the tags.

9. What does the status of my blog post mean?

After a blog post is submitted, it will be reviewed by Tropital before we make it visible on the website. There are status messages you might see:

  • Under review Your blog post is waiting to be reviewed by Tropital. This can take from 1 minute up to a couple of hours.
  • Not a travel post Your blog post will not be visible on the website because it's not about traveling. (see #3)
  • Website not responsive Your blog post will not be visible on the website because the website of this post is not responsive. (see #3)

10. Where the photos come from?

Some of the photos on are made by us and some of them are the images under CC0 license. This includes the thumbnails for each blog post, except for the posts that are submitted by the bloggers themselves. The thumbnails of the blog posts that submitted by bloggers themselves mostly come from their own websites.

11. What if my post doesn't exist anymore?

If the link to your blog post result in a 'not found'-status, your post will be removed automaticly. We do that so other users won't experience dead links. If you earned tropiPoints with that post, the tropiPoints will be deducted.