Travel stories about Mauritius

Mauritius is a perfect country for traveling or for spending your holidays. Mauritius has a lot to offer for you. If you like to learn more about the culture or if you just want to relax, Mauritius might be a country to consider to visit.

If you want to know more, because you want to visit Mauritius or you are traveling there right now, you will find here useful and fun blog posts written by other travelers that have been visiting Mauritius in Africa. Just let other travel bloggers inspire you!

A Visit to Mauritius – a Gem in the Indian Ocean Minivan of Memories 274d

Food lover, our Passenger Naomi always carry with herself a list of local dishes to try when she is…

Mauritius #beach #island #national park #nature

10 Reasons Why Mauritius Should Be on Your Bucket List Paulina on the road 607d

Discover 10 Reasons Why You Must Travel to Mauritius. From Tropical Fruits and Pink Pigeons to the…

Mauritius #animals #beach #photography #tips

An intimate ceremony on the tropical paradise island of… Weddings Abroad 752d

Former England International, NUFC and Man City Defender Steve Howey married his glamorous fiancée…

Mauritius #beach #family #lifestyle #romance

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Ravenala Attitude Hotel Mauritius Review Travelmood 766d

Our travel expert Claire recently visited this idyllic resort and in this blog she shares her…

Mauritius #beach #diving #nature #romance

Mauritius, Where Dreams Come True Ipanema travels to... 842d

If you dream of white beaches, palm trees, emerald waters, there’s one place where all these dreams…

Mauritius #beach #island #nature #romance