A First-Timer's Guide to Paris: Weekend Edition

A First-Timer's Guide to Paris: Weekend Edition

So you’ve finally managed to fit a visit to the City of Love in your traveling itinerary. However, you only have two days to see it all. Where on earth do you even start? Don’t worry, having done this exact trip twice as a first-timer, I have got the exact itinerary you need to hit all the must-see’s while also getting a hint of authentic Parisian life. This weekend Paris itinerary includes all the classics, as well as some of the trendier stops that are popular today. Warning: This itinerary is not for the faint of heart. It is jam-packed with activities, and you will be exhausted after your weekend, but hey, at least you’ll have hit all the good spots in Paris! Also, this post contains affiliate links. Morning: 9:00AM – Early rise and “breakfast” Parisians don’t really do breakfast as a concept. When we headed out for breakfast each morning, every cafe we came across wouldn’t even start serving food until 11 AM. However, they do serve coffee and croissants, so just grab a cup of coffee and a croissant and head over to the main attraction! 10:00AM – Snap photos of the Eiffel Tower You cannot come …

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