Sri Lanka

About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country in Asia. If you are considering to visit Sri Lanka or if you are traveling here now, you will find here useful and fun blog posts written by other travelers that have been visiting Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka

Wildlife in Sri Lanka's Wilpattu National Park Married with Wanderlust 299d

On safari in Sri Lanka's Wilpattu National Park, you'll see leopards, water buffalo, wild boar,ā€¦

Sri Lanka #animals #nature #sightseeing #wildlife

Ultimate Guide to Safari in Sri Lanka Married with Wanderlust 364d

This ultimate guide to safari in Sri Lanka includes where you'll stay, what you'll see, what you'llā€¦

Sri Lanka #nature #photography #tips #wildlife

How to Be a Responsible Traveler Suitcase and wanderlust 404d

During my first Sri Lanka journey Iā€™ve done so much wrong. I havenā€™t done any research on culture,ā€¦

Sri Lanka #national park #nature #tips #wildlife

Amari Galle Hotel Review - Discover Sri Lanka's Heavenlyā€¦ Seen in The City 452d

Sri Lanka is a precious and underestimated destination and if you want to discover the beauty andā€¦

Sri Lanka #accommodation #photography #romance #view

Sri Lanka in 10 Days Suitcase and wanderlust 489d

How to make the most out of 10 days and which traps to avoid in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka #beach #nature #roadtrip #wildlife

A Road Trip Guide to Sri Lanka The Solo Globetrotter 491d

A Road Trip Guide To Sri Lanka - Road trips are fun always and comes with a lot of advantages.ā€¦

Sri Lanka #architecture #beach #lifestyle #roadtrip

Our Travel Guide to Sri Lanka: 30 Days in Paradise Flipflops in the Sun 541d

  Sri Lanka is a beautiful island full of wonders, from paddy fields to mountains, stunningā€¦

Sri Lanka #accommodation #sightseeing #tips #transport

Best Beaches in Sri Lanka Travelmood 613d

Our travel expert Sarah shares what she believes are the best beaches in Sri Lanka. This magicalā€¦

Sri Lanka

6 Sri Lanka Cities You Won't Want to Miss - Both Ancientā€¦ Feet to Flight 622d

Sri Lanka is starting to rank among top destinations for both luxury and budget travel. It'sā€¦

Sri Lanka #adventure #city #nature #tips

Two Weeks in Sri Lanka - Land of Spice, Rice, and Lice? Feet to Flight 626d

Sri Lanka was not at all what I expected. Two weeks in this country on a tour meant covering a lotā€¦

Sri Lanka #nature #sightseeing #temple #tips

The 7 Traits All Pro House Sitters Have in Common MapTrotting 644d

How would you like to live in a comfortable home for free? Welcome to house sitting, where homeā€¦

Sri Lanka #accommodation #nature #view #wildlife

Get Married Sri Lanka - 8 of the Best Places to Get Marriedā€¦ Weddings Abroad 694d

Get Married Sri Lanka - Our guest blogger Bavani Srinu recommends the following places to considerā€¦

Sri Lanka #accommodation #lifestyle #romance #tips